Twenty Three Things…



1) Dr.Seuss is my go-to guy for quotes. And life lessons.

2) If I had to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea, i’d choose the sea. I make a better swimmer than a fighter!

3) For every intelligent, inspiring, brilliant, thought provoking, award winning book I’ve read, there are about a 3,000 Mills & Boons that I have devoured.

4) I love reading. Even trashy stuff 🙂

5) Getting up in the morning is the biggest challenge of my day.

6) I’m a dog person. Woof woof!

7) If I was a slave back in the 11th century, I don’t think i’d have been worth much – Bad hair and bad teeth.

8) I’m a sunshine person. no rain or cold or snow, thankyou.

9) Chocolate and cheese. you could bribe me with those two!

10) I’m a collector of random facts. Did you know that the fig is non-vegetarian?

11) I hate that Cat Stevens stopped making music.

12) I, in fact, can do nothing all day.

13) I’m a procrastinator. It took me over 8 months to sit down and write this post.

14) I’ve got 4 piercings.

15) Classic salted. always.

16) I draw my dutch courage from Rum and Coke.

17) I have my mother’s hair and my father’s spelliing problem.

18) I daydream of travel. Its a chronic condition.

19) Saturday is the my favourite day of the week.

20) I’m a borderline feminist. I like men who still hold doors open and women who break glass ceilings.

21) I’m afraid of heights. 

22) Calvin and Hobbs are my favourite duo. Followed by Simon and Garfunkel.

23) I can’t blow bubbles out of gum.

Who am I? I am The Reluctant Writer. (Doesn’t have the same rings a ‘I am Batman’, does it :p)

The reluctant writer.


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