The art of wasting time (and directions to get there).

The things you can come across while ‘wasting time’ on the internet can range from overdone to a true waste of time, bizarre, mind blowing, uplifting or downright obnoxious. I, however enjoy all these things and more. Well, let’s just say I completely, totally, wholeheartedly approve of wasting time on the internet (Unless of course it’s porn, which is a completely different sort of waste of time, so let’s not go there right now, ok?)

So with half a Saturday and a whole, 24-hours-of-nothingness Sunday looming ahead, here are a couple of things you could check out to make the wasting of time completely worth your while. Bon Voyage!



Real people, guys, reaaal people.

1)  No one seems to remember the time before the Game of Thrones saga completely took over our lives. It was the dark ages when our Monday morning breakfasts were not peppered with talks of dragons and dire wolves. Our email passwords were just a strange mix of numbers and letters, not unpronounceable kingdom names. And Harry Potter was actually considered cool for waving a stick aimlessly in the air (I’m still a potterhead though!) But have you thought of what our contenders for the Iron Throne were up to before they took over our hearts and soul with their deliciously evil ways? Find out here:


2) For the disapproving ones, who do not encourage the mindless task of  ‘time wasting’ (What are you doing on this page anyway??) Here’s a way to spend your time productively, enriching yourself with new information and opening your mind to new ideas. (While secretly actually adhering to the time wasting code.) Presenting free documentaries. Yes FREE documentaries! With a slightly leftist stance of Information for all/that the truth will set you free, has tonnes of documentaries on any subject that tickles your fancy. Go ahead, get a different point of view. Then come back and thank me.


3)  It’s nice to know that contrary to popular belief, we’re not the dumbest people on the planet. Unless you said any of this


4)      If you’re one of those people who went ahead and did one of those things that lands you with a squalling, howling, red faced baby 9 months later, then you’d definitely be in dire need of an entertaining way to waste your time. (No, I’m not referring to the ‘way’ which got you parental rights over that baby in the first place!) Presenting the best, most fun part of parenting, as told by one of the web’s coolest dad’s ever, and added on to by many other parents who got the whole parenting things right: Yes, its slightly sadistical, yes, it’s absolutely entertaining, and no, you can’t have any more candy!

5)      Oh no you didn’t just admit that you’ve not watched this video. Which rock have you been living under? Don’t blame it on a slow internet connection! Go, stand in the corner, and think over what you’ve done while you watch  and all the other finger biting antics of Charlie.



I thought I’d stop at five, and encourage you’ll to stop wasting time and go get a life, but hey, I’m a procrastinator, and staying true to form I’m giving you  one more reason to not get back to work, or life or whatever you’re calling it. Plus, I’m having too much fun (and I hope you are too!) and 5 seems like too much of a well rounded figure, so let’s keep things hanging, shall we?


6)      For the grand finale I have decided to enlighten you about the very appealing, irresistible and entertaining art of insulting someone. Yes we all do it in our heads all the time, and behind backs and even to the face (oh, you brave, brave soul!). But when Zach Galifianakis throws out insults to the who’s who of Hollywood, like he’s quoting poetry, all you can do is fall to your knees in reverence and clutch your stomach from laughing too much. As they say, what happens between two ferns does not stay between two ferns, but goes down to become one of the greatest internet sensations!


If you don't know who Zach watshisname is, meet 'The dude'

If you don’t know who Zach watshisname is, meet ‘The dude’


Once you finish wasting time, continue wasting time. Then tell me what overdone, bizarre, mind blowing, uplifting and downright obnoxious stuff you found.



The reluctant writer.


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