A midweek chat.

Three whole posts! Woah, that’s two more than I ever expected from myself. Having come so far, I must confess that I’m still sticking to neutral, not very involving topics. Yes, the first post was all about me. But that’s something I would’ve gladly told anyone, had they asked nicely.

I’ve heard that the best writing happens when you pour yourself in your work. I know that I’m nowhere close to writing those gut-wrenching, soul stirring, emotional pieces that I come across on so many of my favourite blogs and pieces of writing. The thought of writing my thoughts uninterruptedly, without a link or joke or even a new paragraph as a breather, makes me palpitate and reach for the switch off button on the laptop. But hey, this blog is an attempt at becoming a (better) writer, and I’m three posts down, so yay!

OK, so moving on for the sap above, I came across this really interesting set of questions on A cup of Jo. The author, Joanna and her husband play this game of random questions that often reveals unexpected stuff about people that you thought you knew well. Some of my answers even surprise me!

Here’s my set of answers. Take the quiz yourself, or ever ask your loved ones. Shady stares and lots laughter guaranteed.


Would you rather be lost in a desert or at sea?

The desert. Which is strange, considering that I love the sea! But I’ve got an irrational fear of drowning.

Would you rather make more money or get more vacation time?

Make more money, THEN go on more vacations.
Would you rather meet your ancestors or your great-grandchildren?

My ancestors.

Would you rather be able to eat anything you wanted forever or get rid of all your fears?

Eat anything I ever wanted. Really, is that any choice?  Every girl wants this. Besides, life without a bit of fear would be plain blah. Like bungee jumping without that ‘shit your pants’ moment.
Would you rather take a vacation to a city or the beach?

Beach, always.
Would you rather be an amazing cook or an amazing dancer?

Amazing dancer!
Would you rather camp or stay in a hotel?

Would you rather always be a little too hot or a little too cold?

A little too hot.



The reluctant writer.

P.S. I’m planning on doing a 30 day blogging challenge. One post every-damn-day for a month. Eeeep!(Headless chicken panic moment)

P.P.S. Does anyone even read these? No, i didn’t think so.


One thought on “A midweek chat.

  1. Me! ME! ME!! *jumps as high as her chicken legs can* I read this!! 😀 😀
    And I LAAAAVVVVEEEE your writing! I think you have always inspired the creative side of me..
    Keep writing!
    You are brilliantly talented! :*
    Much love!

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