30 Day Blog Challenge starts…64 minutes ago, and I’ve got a champion of a reason why I’m late.

Three words- Indian Premier League (IPL).

My 30 day blog challenge started today/yesterday (1st Jun) and guess what, I’m already a almost an hour late. But I’ve a very good excuse. I was caught up in the gripping IPL finals between Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders. Everyone said that KXIP was the stronger team, and to watch them play the first half of the game, shooting 4s and 6s by the dozen, you would believe that the cup was theirs for the taking. So what does the reluctant writer do? She supports KKR.

Yes, I’m one of those people who finds glory in supporting the underdogs (Though how could two finalists in an IPL match qualify as underdogs? That’s some warped logic of my own.) So I’m no cricket fan, no Shahrukh Khan fan, or even an IPL team fan. But because KKR was the one facing a hard time, I supported them. And they won.

That, my dear readers is the greatest tragedy that could happen to any champion of underdogs. We love the cause in all its humble, helpless, unfortunate glory. What we don’t like too much is the taste of victory. It’s too sweet a taste for us.  So they won, and I was sad/confused that they won, because then suddenly KXIP, a team that had never won an IPL series (KKR won the championship back in  2012) became the underdog, and it was too late to pledge my ardent support to their cause. Anyway, I’m sure the Rupees 10 crore cheque they received as runners up will go a long way in consoling them.

Hug it out boys. korbo lorbo jeetbo

Hug it out boys. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo

Either way it was a good match, and a worthy excuse (me thinks!) for my first 30 day blog challenge post to be late.


The reluctant writer.


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