Monday musings- Day 2/30 day blog challenge.


An advertising professor of mine used to constantly encourage us to “surround yourself with brilliance”. He always warned us that it was easy to fall prey to mediocrity as it was everywhere.

How come there seem to be so much of average floating around? Every day we settle for just ‘good enough’. Food that is good enough, justice that is good enough, jobs done well enough, even politicians who are only good enough. Are we breeding mediocrity?

Maybe we need to be reminded that mediocrity will never do.  We need to remember that we are capable of so much more than mere good. That even ‘best’ and ‘greatest’ can be improved upon, and records are broken every day. We need to wake up to the fact that Change is neither natural, nor comfortable, but necessary.

It’s time we realize that trifles make perfection, but perfection is not a trifle.

The reluctant writer.


3 thoughts on “Monday musings- Day 2/30 day blog challenge.

  1. Great job Tammy! enjoy reading your posts…always bring a smile on my face:-) read Your 1st post and the recent one and you’ll see you’re already a better writer 🙂 cheers!

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