Choice, and the power of being- A rant.

I have exactly 30 minutes to write, edit and publish this post if I am to make it to day three of the 30-Day blogging challenge.

Let’s talk about choices. Contemplate it really, since I’ll be doing much of the talking.

We do have a choice in everything, whether we realise it at that moment, or not.  Like whether we want cheese or peanut butter (ugh!) in our sandwiches, or if we should date a boy or girl. Whether we go to this college or that, of if we should get a dog or cat. Sometimes I feel like the life I am living at this very moment has been one huge snowball effect of choices that were set of in a chain reaction that lead me to this very moment. And this moment too is just a pause, holding its breadth, waiting for me to make the next move so that it can snowball into another moment and another situation somewhere in the future.

Too deep? Oh yes definitely. Tuesday nights should be about getting over Mondays and making plans for Saturdays no?

But yes, we are the creators of our own destiny. And if an atom makes up all matter, then a single choice makes up moments and life as we know it. On that note, if there is something you and I don’t like about the moment we are living in, we can change it. It would be like changing the course of what’s coming up in the future, and that is a very powerful thing, which would make you and me a very powerful person.

So what was the purpose of the above ‘dissertation’ on choice? Umm let e think about it… Nope, there was no purpose. (Thought in my fantasies, it inspired someone to make a great change to his or her life :P)

Have a great remainder-of-the-week.


The reluctant writer.

p.s.: 11:59pm, I made it!!


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