How well my stars know me- NOT!


Virgo Daily Horoscope

 What the stars had in store for me today:


D.E.A.F – Diet, Exercise and All-round Fitness – describes where you are much to incline today. Savour the most exquisite cuisine today, suggests Ganesha . Later in the day perhaps, you may reach a crossroad in life. A rise in the bank balance will cushion the safety of your future.


What my day was like:

I was complete D.E.A.F. to anything that had to do with fitness.  I think my fingers got the most exercise cruising between channels on the remote.  I have to admit that I was incline- on a beanbag! Although I did ‘savour’ some bananas and biscuits- exquisite cuisine indeed.

I’ve also keep checking my bank balance every 15 minutes and no luck yet. If anyone’s feeling inspired by my ‘horror-scope’ do feel free to volunteer to raise my bank balance.


The reluctant writer.


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