On the somber occasion of World Environment Day, lets laugh.

No Offence, Uranus!

No Offence, Uranus!

What’s up brethren! I feel like brethren is an appropriate word to use today, you know especially since we share joint custody of this planet that we seemed to be in a raging hurry to destroy. It’s almost like we are trashing it in, what we wish was a drunken fit. Unfortunately, no amount of alcohol in the world could justify the amount of harm we seem to be doing to our planet.

Ok, this is too serious a topic for me to write about at 1am (an hour past the deadline for day 5 of 30-day blog challenge. Wow, I’m really getting the hang of this ;))

I love this planet and its environment to bits. I’m sure you guys do too.  I agree that today would have been a good day to discuss tough stuff like a list of things we’re doing wrong, and what we could do to save the world. But the truth is that, right now, I want to celebrate the environment in a more “my” way. At the end of the day, it’s a personal celebration. My planet and I. So I choose to celebrate World Environment Day with… PUNS.

For those who need a quick explanation of this ‘art form’:



plural noun: puns

  1. 1.

a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings.


Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. On your mark, get set, go!

1)      During the meeting about earth quakes, there were several motions. (Geddit, geddit??)

2)      Canyons can be gorge-ous

3)      Lightning storms can be very striking

4)      Is there a best month of spring? There May be (Does this become funnier if I put LOL in the brackets? )

5)      Those who have icicles keep a stiff upper drip. (Am I the only one imagining icicles growing under someone’s nose?)

6)      A mountain is a hill with attitude.

7)      The brightest day of the week is ‘Sun’day.

8)       You should never take rocks for granite

9)      He was hit on the head in a hailstorm and knocked out cold.

10)   It was so hot the other day that even the mosquitoes were dropping like flies (I can sympathise with the heat situations!)

That’s all for today.  As they say on every special day, you don’t need just one day to celebrate the environment. So brethren— Be good and be green.


The reluctant writer.


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