A bioraphy of a day- (And this blog gets bizarre!)

Well maybe its my hyperactive imagination, but sometimes I just feel like some days are like people, you know (No, of course you don’t!)

Well today was one of those people-ish days. And let me tell you that the 8th of June would’ve been one hell of a temperamental woman!

She’d be beautiful, of course. Fresh faced, clear eyes and a sunny smile. But oh boy the mood swings. One moment she’s all sunshine and cheer and sweetness and light. A kind of moment that makes you want to make sure that you never waste this day. That you do something worth remembering, because today was made for great things. But the next moment the woman (8th of June, that is) gets all thunderous and bad tempered and threatens rain tears that will blow away all your plans to do great things. But thankfully for most of the day, that was just an empty threat. In the evening though, she did release all that pent up energy in one quick cry, and left us  feeling all the better for it.

(The pictures are from the local Church fair that I attended today – definitely one of the more interesting quirks that this person/day had!)

Does this picture have anything to do with this post? No.

Does this picture have anything to do with this post? No.

One of the sweeter aspects of today.

One of the sweeter aspects of today.

The day/woman was also one of those rare creatures who are quite unassuming at first. In the beginning she seemed all normal and ‘regular’. everyone assumed that she was going to be just another one of those women who are just plain serene. No excitement what so ever. But once you got to know here, oh boy, she had a surprising quirk in store for you. She turned out to be facinating, fashionable and quite humorous too.

All in all, it was good meeting you, 8th of June. Happy Sunday!


The reluctant writer.


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