Pssst… I’m Santa.

Hello Dearies,

It’s day 9 of the 30 days of blogging challenge, and I was wondering if we were on good enough terms to discuss this overwhelming discovery I made today. Well, I decided that if you got past all the fluff from the other 8 days of this challenge (Honestly, i’d take you if you’ve even got past one!) then we were definitely on good enough terms.

So I went to see a couple of friends and their adorably cherubic babies today. and came away from the encounter with my ears nearly blown away by all the screaming and squalling they did when they were in my arms. Well I never claimed to be any baby whispered, but hey, I made all the obligatory funny faces, smiled dorkily and even spoke their nonsensical, babble language. But nope, all my efforts were received with watery smiles at the best and full throttle screams at the worst.

Both mothers assured me that this was not my fault, and today was just a result of their offspring having missed a meal and skipped a nap. Accepting that today was just a bad day to banter with a baby, I didn’t think twice about it. Until-

I was scrolling through pictures in my phone and found this:

Baby Vierra telling everyone in a two mile radius that i'm NOT her favourite person.

Baby Vierra telling everyone in a two mile radius that i’m NOT her favourite person.

Which was very similar to this:

Red suit Vs Red face- who wore it better.

Red suit Vs Red face- who wore it better.

Ta-da! I preset my case, ladies and gentlemen. I come bearing gifts, i’m pretty jolly, if i may say so myself, and I can tell the difference between naughty and nice!

But most importantly, I can get a child to scrunch up her face and exercise her lungs just like the picture about. Therefore I conclude that I must be Santa.

Yes, yes, I know that the red suit and white beard is missing. But what if that was in fact just a very good disguise.. I mean, Santa could be a dark sinned, clean shaven girl right 😛

So I may not exactly be Santa (Unless i’m somehow sleepwalking and delivering presents to kids across the world- in which case I would be super impressed with myself.) But I do have a bit of his traits and talents. Of course, getting a baby to go red faced is a talent. You don’t know which villain I could disarm by( first) getting a baby to cry then sticking that high decibel infant in the villain’s face. I could save the day.

Anyway, all this talk about Christmas makes me wish for December. So may your day be merry and bright too!


The reluctant writer.



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