About yesterday…

Guys, I’m so absolutely sorry about ditching you’ll yesterday. It was one of those especially bad days when my body gave up the fight to drag myself to the computer and trash the keyboard till I had something that resembled a post or you know, just Google a picture and put it up- as I seem to be doing lately. So To make up for yesterday, I decided to you know, Google a picture and put it up today 😛

No seriously, I just googled this picture. But to be fair, I started out looking for a nice , remorseful quote that would aptly express how sorry i was for slipping up on the 30 day blogging challenge- an about how serious I am about the rest of the days. But those remorseful quotes are, well, not too fun. Instead I found this very wicked, and so obviously so much more fun. It definitely didn’t suite all my requirements for this post, but it contains the word ‘Yesterday’ which is really the cruX of the matter right? So what the heck!


LOL right? right??

Now i’m off to write today’s post 😛


The reluctant writer.


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