Bedtime boogies- If you can’t beat insomnia befuddle it.


I’ve never had a problem falling asleep. I could literally drop of this moment. You put me in a chair and I’ll zzzz, put me on a bus/train/plane and I’ll zzzzzz, command me to go to sleep at an odd hour and I’m pretty sure I’ll oblige. It’s a talent, I tell you!

But not everyone’s that lucky. I know lots of people who struggle with the art of sleeping. Personally, I don’t believe it requires any skill. To me, it was always just- shut your eyes and zzzzzz.

But for those of you who do find sleep elusive, I have a suggestion. Yes, suggestion, not solution (Unless of course, it works, then it will become a solution.) And the man behind this solution also has the appropriate Dr. before his name so I’m sure there’s something to it.  What I suggest you do is distract your insomnia. As in, confuse it, befuddle it, confound it, even engage it. Keep insomnia otherwise occupied so that if forgets that what it is actually supposed to do is to keep you from sleeping.

I suggest you read Dr.Seuss’ Sleep Book before going to bed.

An extract from the book.

An extract from the book.

As I have mentioned before, the good doctor is my go-to guy. And why not? Anyone who writes such delightful nonsense, and teaches you the meaning of life through it is worth holding up as a hero. Anyway, coming back to the issue of sleep, I suggest all you insomniacs indulge in some Dr.Seuss before bed. I’m sure that in those moments, between those words, anything wrong with your world will just seem alright. And an alright mind is an all ready for bed mind.

Either way, you don’t need insomnia to indulge in Dr.Seuss. He may or may not help your sleep patterns, but he will do wonders for the soul.

Stay youer than you always,

The reluctant writer.


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