Day 17- What’s tickling the television this week.

And by television, I mean American TV of course. All these cool ads never really make an appearance on Indian TV. I’m from the ad industry. I guess I mentioned this somewhere, right? So anyway, in order to fill in a post that is interesting as well as engaging, I’m going to do what any copywriter worth her salt would do – be lazy.  Well I would argue that I’m not entirely lazy and I still deserve some credit for going through a lot of ads to find these two gems for you. Anyhow, these two ads stirred up the ad world this week, and how!

Hello Flo:

First off, any product that is named Hello Flo is already setting all sorts of alarms off in the humour section. The bizarre ad from this tampon subscription service is all sorts of funny, at the cost of one disgruntled little girl. It’s a refreshingly different ad in a product category that that mostly sees overtly bouncy ads about a time of the month no woman feels bouncy about. At all. Hello flo gets two thumbs up- one for creating a ‘first moon party’, and secondly, for excellent casting!


Dove Men+ care:

Come mother’s day, you can’t help but be hit will a torrential outburst of sentimental mom-ads that almost convinces you that contrary to all scientific proof and biblical explanations, your mom was solely responsible for your creation. Thankfully, a few weeks later Father’s dad rolls around, and the other half of the equation that made ‘you’ gets some attention. Lately, more and more brands are jumping aboard the ‘Father’s Day’ ad wagon. But I thought this ad from Dove Men’s care was particularly sweet. Of course, Dove is the queen of sap when it comes to their ‘real women’. And it seems like they’ve use a bit of the same ingredients for this men’s ad too.

That’s all from adland,

The reluctant writer.


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