Day 18- how to talk to the universe (and not get funny stares).

Have you guys heard? The universe is now on talking terms with me. No, don’t you give me that funny stare. It’s actually this amazing newsletter service called ‘Notes from the Universe’. You just whisper your dreams and wishes to the universe and then ever Monday to Friday, through notes in your inbox, the Universe whispers encouragement and eggs you on to go ahead and seize your dreams.

Of course you’d say that it’s just some sham motivational speaker/writer who is running a very successful business based on this. But I’d still advise you to quell you initial instinct to poke fun at what seems to be plain sappy stuff (I know, I did that for a while- rookie mistake).

This is personal stuff guys. Just your dream and you. Read it. Take what you want from it, and leave the rest on the table. And sometimes, in the middle of everyday, you may just find just what you needed- those comforting words, that cheeky take on life, that sly compliment- in those words.

It’s eerie how many times the words coincided with the ebb and flow of emotions in my life.

Funnily, I’m the cynic who jumps in at this part and says ‘bullocks!’ (Not exactly that word, maybe) and ‘the mind interprets stuff the way it wants to’. But this time, I’m quiet.  Anyhow, it’s ok if these note are not your cup of coffee. What works for you, works for you : )

A good one:

It’s like, all those really good thoughts of yours, (My name here), that have NEVER become things, are simply gathering, mingling, and growing like compound interest, until there are just enough to burst into your life, blog and agencys and flowers and ponies flying in every direction, hushing naysayers and finally convincing you of how much you’re loved. “Until there are just enough…”
The Universe



And the occasional ‘too-much sap’ stuff:

It’s like all of the bad stuff, (My name here), is just training so that you can fly higher into the light, on magic wings, over the rainbow, on a white unicorn, with your best friends, and live happily-ever-after.Seriously,
The Universe


The reluctant writer.


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