Day 20: Fifteen things on Friday



1)      I wrote 5 posts today (including this!)

2)      I cheated on my time-in (filling out what time you get in to work) by 15 minutes – I wrote 9:45 instead of 10am.

3)      I’m wearing gumboots to work these days, and haven’t got them wet even once so far : (  Thank you for nothing, sunshine!

4)      It’s the first Friday in a veeery long time on which I know for sure that I have a Saturday off.

5)      New people around me. So many new people around me.

6)      I think I am operating on an 8 hour sleep schedule these days. How much is too much, again?

7)      Now that Game of Thrones ended, I’m going back to not looking forward to Mondays.

8)      My current ringtone is Happy by Pharrell Williams

9)      I have a strong desire to see my office smoke alarm sprinklers in action. No, I won’t be doing anything about it.

10)   I look forward to train journeys so that I can read.

11)   I don’t use bad language. I tell people that I don’t because I don’t because I don’t think it’s necessary. But actually I don’t because I’m uncomfortable using it – I don’t have the attitude for it.

12)   I used to have the cappuccino from the machine, until I learnt how to make a stronger brew by mixing espresso and milk.

13)   I recently met one of the hottest guys ever. Untill he opened his mouth.

14)   I can never tell the difference between the pronunciation of Rs.25 and Rs.50 in Hindi.

15)   I just learnt to spell entrepreneur.

Happy Friday,

The reluctant writer.


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