What is longer that the longest day?

As a tribute to the very rare geography lesson that I did pay attention two, I’m proud to tell you that today, the 21st of June is the Summer solstice and the longest day in the northern hemisphere. While a huge part of the world is celebrating the extra sunshine with picnics, parties or just walks outside, the weather out here is facing its great ‘to rain or not to rain’ dilemma, which means that it was just dull.

So to keep things interesting out here, I thought I’d introduce you to something that is often/always longer than even the longest day – The creative process. As you know, the road to a great idea is paved with grave distractions 😉


This awesome illustration is done some very talented illustrator (who obviously travelled on the express route;) Too bad I don’t have the credits to this piece, but you can pay your respects at virus comix and check out other cool work too (It’s a looong weekend, so you have the time).


The reluctant writer.



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