Day 22- Web Weekend

Hey Guys,

I hope you’ll had a great weekend! Mine was a lazy mix of well, lazing around, doing a house marathon and more lazing around. Now here’s a mix of great things that you should check out on the web, especially curated by moi.

1)      You may actually be a feminist– and it’s not just about being straight laced or a bra burner ; )

2)      The stomach wants what the stomach wants. But you don’t have to hurt your wallet along the way- 100 cheap eats under 200.

3)       How to tick people off– because you know, that’s always fun!

4)    LOL special:  The ultimate take on clients–  client feedback on the creation of earth.

5)      Calling all shoe-o-holics (Andy, yes, this one’s for you) here’s a smart tip to simple shoe storage.


Have a great week!


The reluctant writer.


P.S: For those who were counting, yes this was suppose to be yesterday’s post. But, you know- lazy happened.


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