Day 23- Style Crush.

What i’m crushing on currently:

1) I’m feeling the florals lately. With the rains  hovering in the horizon, i’m just waiting for the flowers to burst out of their buds. In the mean time, this dress is fresh and adorable! I’m going to stick to ogling at it, but if you want to indulge in some retail therapy, then you can find it at Forever 21.


2) Aztec print skirts are so last season, but i’m so not over them! They are colourful, gorgeous and such a fabulous fashion statement. Long term crush alert! Also another Forever 21 find.



3) Solange Knowles is fierce, fun and oh-so-fashionable. If she’s worn it, I definitely have a crush on it. Its hard to pick just one look of her’s, but if you held me at gunpoint, this is the one i’d choose. Also, no one else does justice to yellow the way she does.

Solange+Knowles+Victoria+Secret+2011+Swim+CWeahFZsiNtl - Copy


4) Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist documents the chicest street style around the world.  Its amazing how well people dress around the world. What I love about these looks are how effortless and comfortable are. These three are definitely my style divas!


5) Another Sartorialist feature. Can you feel the attitude in this picture? It just added so much glamour to her outfit (Which I totally love!) Also, white jeans. I’m digging white jeans lately, but don’t have the guts to try it. Can you imagine the maintenance!!



6) This gorgeous piece is from the motherland! Created by Indian designer Nikhil Thampi, this piece has the perfect amount of drama (check out the Indian king motifs!) to be disruptively elegant. And totally swoon worthy. I want!!

Again, if you want to do more than just drool, you could buy it here. (Warning- its pricey!)



7)  And my current style crush list would be incomplete without a dash of SUSPENDERS! Suspenders are  the cool kid who everyone wants to hangout with, the bad boy every girl wants to date and the sulky teenager who just walked off the ramp. Suspenders are that cool. They can take an outfit from ‘Ok’ to ‘Ok, you the man!’ status in the snap of a strap. I should stop now, you get the picture right?






















Fashionably yours,

The reluctant writer.


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