The one thing America got right.

I’ve never been the type to fawn over the ‘western world’ or think that the sun shines out of America’s arse. I’m pretty content being Indian and never ever had the whole ‘they are superior than us’ complex. But this time, my dear readers, I’m convinced that they have the coolest first citizen in the world!

Barack Obama officially rocks. No other president or political leader is this attuned to pop culture as he is. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that the man not only agreed to appear on ‘Between two ferns‘, but also largely left the content unaltered. Ultimately, it was all politically motivated in the name of promoting some initiative or the other, but who cares. Okay, maybe the American people do, seeing as they are are the ones who ultimately have to deal with the loophole ridden obamacare/healthcare and other policies. And I sympathise with them. Coming from a country so heavily embroiled in bureaucracy, I totally get the frustration.

But on the other hand, coming for a country with such an orthodox political structure, where the average politician is a 70-year-old, my mind is blown. Suddenly, the man heading one of the world’s most advance nations has become human. Someone who can laugh at himself, can give back as good as he gets and even willingly gets involved in controversial discussions. At that moment he became more real that any other social visit, charity or speech made him out to be.

Hats off President Obama. You are the change I want to see.


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