Day 27- Another pop quiz to myself.

Due to the lack of any other content to put up (I dont have anything on hand now, and we are already into the next day!) I’ve decided to do another random ‘get to know me’  quiz. For more enlightment on my life, read further:

1) Have you ever done something heroic?

Ans: Ummm, im pretty much a coward, but I once managed to stop a rickshaw driver and convince him to take an elderly couple (who were trying to hail a rickshaw unsuccessfully) to their destination. No big deal. But If you knew the sometimes stubborn/arrogant/rude breed of rick drivers in Mumbai, you too would consider my deed heroic.

2)Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

Ans: Sunsets. Sunrises, in my mind equate to early mornings and waking up, which i don’t like doing.

3) What do you typically have for breakfast?

Ans: Nothing 😛 Most of the time I’m running late, but either at home or work, there will always be one glass of coffee and maybe a sandwich or some South Indian snack (Idili, wada, dosa). Yes, I’m not winning any prizes in the healthy breakfast category.

4)What position do you often sleep in?

Ans: On my stomach, with the pillow in a death grip near my head.

5) Do you hold grudges?

Ans: No.

6) Have you ever baked your own cake?

Ans: Yes. I tried a Mud cake recipe recently. It turned out terrible- and literally tasted like mud. That’s how good I was 😐

7) What was the last thing you dressed up as for fancy dress?

Ans: Ummm I think I was a Ballerina (with an identity crisis) for my brother’s 21st birthday last year. My god, that was a long time ago!

8) Whats your favourite saying?

Ans: Those who matter do not mind and those who mind do not matter.

9) Are you a bad loser?

Ans: No, I am a fantastic loser. All sunshine and smiles. In fact, I’m a complete motivation!

10) Can you do 10 revolutions of a hula hoop?

Ans: Oh, I can do more that 10!



The reluctant writer.




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