Day 28- Saturday, Saturday!!

Before I offer an apology, I must say that guys, last night’s match was so epic I actually watched almost 3/4th of it! Yes. Sorry, but I’m blaming Brazil and Chile for my post being one day late.

So, when I was in my old job, I rarely had Saturday off. Hence,  every Friday night, I’d dream about all that I would love to do on Saturday, then- I’d get up and go to work.

Now that I have  rediscovered the joys of Saturday, this is what mine looked like this weekend:


1)       Got up at 3am with a terrible tooth ache. I know that I have terrible teeth, but I expect them to know that Saturday is my day off, and theirs too!

2)      Got up again at 7ish to start a new weekend freelance project. Good fun.

3)      Caught up with all the latest Bollywood news and gossip. Apparently they are two separate things.

4)      Ate breakfast for a change.

5)      Lunched on awesome fish curry rice. (warning: there is a lot of food involved in this day)

6)      Got my exercise quotient for the day by power walking around a mall in the suburbs of Mumbai.

7)      Visited the above mentioned mall to catch up with a long lost/found friend.

8)      Ended up shopping for friend’s friend’s girlfriend. If you thought that association is complicated, you don’t want me to describe the shopping session to you!

9)      Inhaled more food at the mall. (I also window shopped for food)

10)   Came home exhausted, and managed to squeeze in a little House MD (yay!)

11)    Went to the roommate’s folk’s place to catch the most epic match of the season on a giant TV! (Totally worth the ¾ of the time that I stayed awake 😉 )


12)   Ended the day with homemade Spaghetti Bolognese. Thank you Sherilyn!


Tip- Choose roommates who can cook. And if they can't cook, then make sure their siblings can!

Tip- Choose roommates who can cook. And if they can’t cook, then make sure their siblings can!



The reluctant writer.




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