The month that was +10 things on Tuesday


Pic courtesy @JournoJT on twitter

It’s been one week since my month long blogging challenge ended. And it took me 7 whole days to get back here, but hey, I’m back!

The month was filled with a lot of cheating. I should probably count the days that I did manage to get a post on time, instead of those I didn’t. But at the end of 30 days, I had 30 posts and that feels good. The writing was definitely not my finest work. Some of it was good, some funny, some downright lazy. But it was the first step to getting over the reluctance. Along the way I fell in love with blogging. Though it’s not the first flush, ‘I want to spend all my time with you’ kinda love. It’s the ‘I think I more than like you’ kinda love. Cautious, gradual and totally me.  I find myself thinking about this little blog quite frequently. I sometimes stumble upon thought that I think would make great blog posts. I see or experience something great and I want to share it here.

My God! I feel like writing more. <Slow clap for the happy realization.>

On that note I’ll wrap it up with 10 things on Tuesday:


1)      The monsoons have finally hit the city. As I write this, the sun is shining outside. Go figure!

2)      I picked Germany in an office pool, won money on it, and have now officially decided to support the team.

3)      I’m obsessed with stripes these days.

4)      Lipstick. I want to venture into the unchartered waters of trying lipstick. Yes, I’m far, far behind times.

5)      New record: I spent 7 hours in a mall on Saturday. I’m thoda disgusted with myself!

6)      Coffee + Chocolate biscuits for the win!

7)      My HR sends the company a Thought for the Day every day. Here’s today’s: ‘If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up.’

8)      Interesting read that I came across: smart women think of marriage too.

9)      At any given point of time, I need to return at least two phone calls.

10)   I want to see the northern lights before I die. (Considering how cold it is up there, and my intolerance to cold, the two events could coincide!)



The reluctant writer.


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