How to have fun while pretending to work- Pro Guide!


You know some days (most) when you just sit around staring at your screen and realize that

  • The work that you though was due today, is in fact not.
  • The work that you thought was due today, is in fact due today- but you’re not interested in doing it.
  • Your boss is not in today, so you don’t feel obliged to do any work too.
  • You have no work.

So while your mind is wandering and rambling around with no intention of getting back to work, you still need to pretend that you are, in fact, actually, really working. Because, you know, some people just cannot keep their eyes to their own screens. Curiosity is human nature, you can’t blame them- poor things!

So here are a few tips to help you have some undercover fun while you have your work face on.

  • Alt + Tab:. Favourite combination on the keypad, and savior of a million jobs around the globe. For the uninitiated or ignorant (Who are you people!!) alt + tab helps you navigate between tabs without doing the ‘point the curser and click’ thing. So, you could be totally stalking your ex on Facebook, but the minute you hear footsteps or feel the eyeballs on you, just alt+tab, and that boring excel sheet you were supposed to be working on pops up on your screen. Magic! Caution: This tip does not work when you are the unfortunate person to sit at the place where all and sundry have a view of your screen. Also, bosses stealing on you from behind can ruin this trick.


  • The ‘hoover’ view: Oh this is a good one that I learnt from an ex-colleague. I also want to put this out as a disclaimer that this trick may or may not have been the reason for her ‘ex-colleague’ status. But it’s a good one, really. This is a great way to catch up on your television series, or to know the ending of that movie that you fell asleep through midway last night. Just copy the video on your computer, and play it on VLC or any other player. Now, minimize it. Then, hover your curser over the VLC (or other player) icon at the bottom of your screen. A mini preview of that tab will pop up. So sit back, relax and enjoy! Yes you may have to strain your eyes to watch anything. But it beats doing what you are actually supposed to do so- yay!
  • Read in Word: By word, I mean Microsoft Word. If you happen to be an ardent reader of articles, or just get easily distracted by anything other than work, then this tip is for you! So all you got to do is copy the text from the article you want to read, and then paste it into a word document so that it looks all boring and uninteresting and ‘work-like’. Be careful to leave out any photos in the article, because that’s a dead giveaway. But if you are someone who only looks at pictures, then, well, skip this tip!
  • The screen shot: So this trick requires planning way way in advance (Truly evil/ bored minds are always prepared!) So the next time you are installing something, take a screen shot with the installation half way to completion. Then the next time you want to do something else, like read a book or waste time on your phone, simply open up that screen shot on a full screen view. Full screen is important, so that the edges don’t give you away. After all it’s a universal fact that installations are a very necessary evil.


Ok now, go ahead, start plotting your next ‘day of doing nothing’ with one of these tips. One last tip- If you’re into blogging, and need to write a post, just write away. Concentrating on a screen and typing away furiously is always considered as ‘hard at work’ 😉

Remember to not get caught, and remember to thank me!


The reluctant writer.


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