Sunday Pancakes.


The reluctant writer also happens to be a very reluctant cook! Well, I love food, and the act of eating and even doing the dishes afterwards. What I don’t get is the cooking part. Maybe its the fact that I’ve always been surrounded by phenomenal cooks. My mom and grandmoms are/were all exceptional. All my aunts rock in the kitchen. So when it came to me, I just resigned myself to eating 😉

But considering that I’ve been living away from home for over 5 years now, I can’t hide behind that reason. The plain, simple fact is that I don’t really enjoy cooking- and if you don’t enjoy something, you can never do it right, right?

So I would describe my cooking style as purely for survival. And, I think we can safely put pancakes in the ‘Survival’ food category. I mean, who doesn’t like pancakes? They are delicious, versatile, you can live off them, and if the world was going to end, I’d definitely choose pancakes as one of the foods I’d take with me on the space ship that was going to save me 😛

So pancakes was something I was going to need to master. As it turns out, they are not too difficult to make – yay! I made banana ones, because they are just yum. Here’s a quick and easy guide to making delicious Banana pancakes for every reluctant cook (and enthusiastic eater) out there :

Serves: 3 (about 3 pancakes each)



1 cup all purpose flour/maida

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon vanilla essence

1 teaspoon salt

Oil to fry

3-4 ripe bananas

2 teaspoons sugar

Note: The banana contributes to the sweetness here. If you are leaving out the bananas, do consider adding little more sugar, according to your preference.



Cut up the bananas and mash them with a fork. Add in the egg, sugar, salt and beat them together. Now add the flour and milk to the mixture, a little at a time so that it becomes easier to mix. Then add in the baking powder and vanilla essence and beat the mixture until it forms a thick, lumpy batter.


Now, if you are one of those cool people who aren’t really worried about a heart attack (I like you already!) Add a dollop of butter with the oil and heat the pan over the fire. Don’t worry about how big a dollop is, just wing it!

Once your pan is hot, use a serving spoon to put one scoop of batter onto the pan. Gently run the base of the spoon in a circular motion over the batter to spread it on the pan into a circular form.  I hope your geometry is better than mine, because my ‘circles’ don’t look anything like they’re suppose to.


When you see holes forming across the top of the mixture, you know it’s time to flip it. After a bit, lift it off the pan to check if they are done. Stick to just one flip per pancake, ok? Once it’s done, serve it on a plate and drizzle your choice of topping onto it!


Tada, breakfast is ready!

Bon appetite,

The reluctant writer cum reluctant chef.


One thought on “Sunday Pancakes.

  1. I vouch for the authenticity of this recipe. The pancakes were simply delicious!! 😀 Looks like I’m the only odd man out in the family of amazing cooks now.. Reluctant writer, you clearly inherited the cooking gene 😉

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