10 things that happen in December

Hello there,

Did you notice how December just sneaked up on us? It’s like one minute it was June, and then – Poof! it’s December! But hey, who doesn’t love December? It’s all shiny and festive and jolly and slightly tipsy, but so much fun. You know what else happens in December? This:

  • You find yourself reconsidering that order of ‘extra cheese’ and listening more closely to diet related conversations. (Hot water and lime juice, anyone?)


  • Anything that is red, white and green suddenly costs more.
  • Every third person you know is getting married, and every second one among them is getting married in December.


  • You start paying close attention to habits of/conversations with family & friends for Christmas present hints.


  • And since it’s the season of giving, you are perpetually broke. And can’t wait for all those uncles and aunties to slip some gift money into your hands.


  • You start wearing sweaters and stoles (even though the sun still behaves like it’s May).


  • ‘Rudolph the red nose reindeer’ becomes your new ‘favourite song’.
  • As usual, you pick someone you totally didn’t want for your office secret Santa.


  • On the other hand, you start being extra nice to everyone else. Because, god knows who your secret Santa may be!
  • Deciding where to celebrate New Year becomes a matter of life or death (of your social status!)


Hope you have a wonderful December.


The reluctant writer.


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