Packing tips for the holidays (or for any travel, actually)


The day I’ve been looking forward to since forever has finally arrived! It’s time to travel back home for the holidays. Sometimes the excitement to go home almost overtakes the excitement for Christmas itself, and that is a big deal as it is. But then comes the whole business of packing for the holidays. And it never gets better, no matter how many times you do it. So here are a few tips and tricks that help – hopefully:

  • Always, always make a list. It just helps in so many ways, most importantly, to ensure that you don’t forget anything.
  • Make a list of the outfits you need to carry at least one week ahead, so that you know what to launder early enough.
  • While packing, try rolling your clothes instead folding them. It saves tones of space, and also kind of reduces the fold lines/wrinkles. (don’t roll pants, they get really bulky)
  • I know you already put your bathroom accessories and toiletries in a pouch. Have you tried putting your under wear in a separate pouch too? It’s compact, convenient and saves space!
  • Even better, don’t carry any toiletries. Just buy soap, shampoo and the works when you reach your destination.
  • Always carry an extra garbage/cloth bag. Roll it up and tuck it somewhere. It really helps with the dirty clothes or just packing extra stuff to bring back.
  • Put your jeans against the walls of your bag instead of at the bottom.
  • Try to avoid taking shoes in boxes. It’s just too bulky. Instead, if you put your shoes in two separate shoe bags/plastic bags, and just tuck them between the clothes, it saves more space. If you’re packing a suitcase, most of them come with an elastic folder section under the cover which is great for holding flat shoes and slippers. Another great tip for shoes that are not too dirty (if you have clean shoes after living in Mumbai/Goa, then I salute you!) is to get a disposable/old shower cap and just cover the soles of your shoes/flats with the cap, then place the shoes in the bag.
  • While on the topic of shoes, wear your bulkiest pair. It will save you the trouble and weight of packing +carrying them.
  • If you’re carrying edible stuff (like curries, meats etc) on an overnight train/bus journey, then make sure to freeze the food for at least 24 hours before your travel, then wrap in in lots of newspaper and it should last till you reach your destination.


Happy packing!

The reluctant writer.


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