Note to the universe.


Dear Universe,

Everyone says, “Put it out to the universe, and you’ll get it back.” So this is me putting it out there – Dear universe, I want to, no, I NEED to travel.


I know there are so many more worthy causes like finding true love or winning awards, becoming a raging success, running my own agency or just plain getting rich (which would ideally make getting everything else easier!) But the honest truth is that right now I want to be exploring a hidden trail in the Amazon or listening in silence to the century old secrets of the Cambodian temple, or most of all, exploring the delightful under-the-sea magic of the Maldives.

So please accept this as my request. Or more like my ‘what I really really really really want’ petition to you. Hoping to see results soon. And whatever you decide, I’ll accept it : )

Much love,



2 thoughts on “Note to the universe.

  1. Dear Reluctant writer,
    Traveling is more of a decision than a wish. If you NEED to travel, then do it. Cut down on silly expenses, research on the places you wish to visit, talk to people who have traveled the world and more importantly- do not feel guilty about the reducing account balance. Travelling is not an expense, it is an investment.
    Go discover the beauty hidden in every corner of this world. And come back and tell tales of it so that many more may do so too.
    All my love,
    The speaker for the Universe.

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