On doing the dishes.

Oh you poor little neglected blog. It’s been so long that I’ve visited this space, that I’m almost swatting aside virtual cobwebs and sweeping away the dust. So about what brought me back here – well I was on one of my daily jaunts around the web, and I stumbled upon this poster about 10 ways to get better at writing. And all it said was write, write and write more (about 10 times, in different ways, to stay true to the title). Yes, this is not really eureka-moment worthy inspiring stuff, but hey, it got me here, so I’m not complaining. Also, right between the points that said write, write and write more was a point that said ‘Write about anything’. So I decided to take that to heart, and here I am, writing about doing the dishes.

According to me, doing the dishes, is quite an underrated and unappreciated task. I mean, people go gaga about cooking. They drool over recipes, discuss techniques, get offended about wrong usage of terminology, debate about taste and so on. But the washing up? No one discusses that! It’s like this horrible secret we’re not supposed to talk about, or it will ruin the fun. Well most of my friends point out that there is no fun in washing at all. None, zilch, nada.

But me, I’m all about the washing. It’s almost therapeutic watching a dirty, gritty pan being scrubbed within an inch of its life, so that it emerges spotless clean, just awaiting the next great dish it will bring to life. It’s almost like treating your hands to their very own, personalized bubble bath where they get to be immersed in suds. Then there’s the challenge to gunning for those hard-to-budge food and grease bits that stick to the bottom of a dish like a dog to its favourite ankle. It’s difficult to get rid of, and you just have to give it your all. The plus side of those battles is the free muscle toning involved!

And finally it’s the joy of getting invited and cooked for often, by friends who hate the washing up as much as they love the cooking.


The Reluctant Writer

p.s.: Ok, fine I admit I suck at cooking, so I overcompensate by doing the washing up. Nobody really likes washing the dishes, and if they say so, they’re lying!


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