Automatic responses vs. random, wonderful ones

Here’s how we know that Dallas Clayton is bad-ass brilliant – he named his son Audio Science Clayton (Ta-da! I rest my case.)

On that note, ever since I discovered the awesome-random-colourful-brilliant world of Dallas Clayton last month, I’ve been waiting to hear his Alt Summit talk. In typical Dallas fashion, Alt summit pictures show that he started his talk by laying down flat on the stage, and ended it by leave the audience in tears (the good kind).

Photo by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit.

Photo by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit.

So yeah, today the video of his talk was finally uploaded on the Alt Summit site, so I began watching it. So far I’ve watched only 11min50s of a 1 ½ hour video (because my internet has ‘more issues than vogue’) but I was already inspired to blog about it – and as a pro procrastinator, I can tell you- that’s an impressive feat!

Ok, so back to Dallas. Basically, he talks about how we’re so conditioned to respond automatically to stuff like ‘have a good night’ and ‘how are you’, that we’ll just repeat or respond to the greeting without actually meaning anything. And it got me thinking that, is this what our conversations have come down to today – thoughtless, automatic responses? I mean, just imagine the opportunities for meaningful or even strange and interesting conversations that we are missing out on! So taking a cue from a game Dallas and his son-with-an-awesome-name played, about what alternative responses they could give to everyday greetings (and the answer here is, virtually anything! You can say anything in response- absolutely anything!) I’m listing down 10 things I’d like to say in response to

‘Have a good day’

  • I love that suggestion – I’m definitely going to try to have a good day!
  • I burnt the milk.
  • I think you’d be really good at making balloon animals.
  • I want you to have an extraordinary day.
  • Speaking of good – I just listened to Hozier’s ‘Take me to church’ and it’s so good!
  • The fig is technically a non-vegetarian food because it eats the fruit fly that pollinates it.
  • Have a break, have a KitKat.
  • Ummm no, I think I’ll take a rain check on that. – Is that ok?
  • Yabba-dabba-do!
  • I think there is life in outer space.

So I’m going back to watch the rest of what Mr. Clayton has to say.

Take care-

Make love to the universe!

The Reluctant Writer.


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