Keeping up with the Guptajis.

Some of the best friendships have been formed over food. No, I’m not talking about the people who are in a relationship with food (like I am on many occasions 😉 But lunches, dinners and even many breakfasts during which friendships have been forged, strengthened and sealed. Which is why I think the Guptaji’s would be the perfect family to have as neighbors. The fact that they can whip up the prefect breakfast for any occasion means that every visit to their house will guarantee good food! And afterall, we live to eat, right!

Breakfasts especially can get pretty monotonous. Let me be frank – I love my sleep, and will prioritize it over everything else, including breakfast. So most mornings I roll out of bed after hitting the snooze button multiple times, then try to get ready quickly and lastly try to get some breakfast which may be a bowl of cornflakes on good days or just a cup of coffee on bad ones. And usually, a bowl of cornflakes over time tends to get quite boring. So imagine having neighbours who can transform cornflakes into a variety of amazing recipes – Brilliant!

Now the Guptaji’s, they seem like an interesting bunch. The cheeky brother would definitely make any nashta time lively with his amusing stories and weird quips. The ‘no-time-for-anyone-but-my-phone’ sister seems like the person to hand out with if you want to keep up with the cool and interesting things happening in the neighbourhood. I’m sure when it comes to choosing between her mom’s delightful nashtas and her phone, she’ll definitely choose the food, so the phone gets left off the table. And no phone means nashta will be our only chance to get to know all the gossip that is going on in the neighbourhood. The dad seems to be a mix of Mr. happygolucky and Mr. clumsy. Which makes him a treasure trove of funny and downright outrageous stories that will make any nashta interesting. But the crowning jewel of the family is the mother. Most of the amazing and diverse recipes are born in her head, and then slowly come alive though the magic of her hands. Besides her obvious passion for food, she also seems to have a dislike for the regular. Which is why she goes the extra mile to try and reinvent the ‘regular’ cornflakes in as many variants as possible. And with her at the helm, you just know that every nashta at the Guptaji’s will be a flavourful affair.

So there you go, an assorted family of intriguing characters that share a love for food and the ability to turn the everyday into something more. That is why I would like to go over to the Guptaji’s for nashta.


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