A love letter/ Birthday note

“I love my cousins on my dad’s side! But on my mum’s side, I have only one cousin in India”, I told a friend while cycling to school one day. “And she’s a complete spoilt brat.”

Little did I know that with time (and maturity), Andrea-the-brat would become my partner in crime, cheerleader, chief enthusiasm officer, official contender for maid-of-honour and my 3am phone calls ( if she didn’t fall asleep by 10pm, that is!)

We’re both curly haired, costume-party lovers with an affinity for beaches and a common set of grandparents. But that’s where the similarities end. She, with her skinny legs and big imagination. Her prim and proper personality and wild shoe addiction. Her fabulous flair for fashion and awkward socializing skills. She is the hip-shimming, beautiful-singing, over-achieving cousin no one should ever have, because you’re just going to have to live with a complex all your life. 😉

But then there’s that humble, absolutely down to earth personality and tight the-world-is-a-better-place hugs that I cannot live without!

Andrea D’Souza, I want you to know that I feel blessed to be able to call you my cousin. As I keep reminding you, blood is indeed thicker than water. And knowing that we do share a gene pool makes me want to be better at everything – especially a better human being- because you are one of the best people I know.

Happy Birthday Kiddo! I know you’ve had a tough time lately. But I hope you realise that no matter how coagulated relationships around you may seem to be, a lot of the twists and turns have been added because everyone wants you for themselves – and want to keep you in their lives.

With the measly 2 more years of life experiences that I have over you, this is the advice I’d like to give you – When life gets too tough, too loud, too everything, just take a step back and try and look at the bigger picture. Sometimes, simply knowing that you’re loved is enough to make things better.

And lastly, never, ever doubt it – that you are loved.


The reluctant writer!

p.s: So you wanted a poem, but doesn’t this count:

Doodles, with the noodles like a poodle’s.

Doodles, Noodles, Poodles , Doodles!

(Ok, may be it’s a haiku, but still!)


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