10 reasons why Fran Lebowitz in WCW material!

Image courtesy elle.com

Image courtesy elle.com

Here’s what I knew about Fran Lebowitz: —

Here’s what Wikipedia knows about Fran Lebowitz: blazer-wearing, pro-smoking, American author and sardonic social commenter/public speaker.

I had to Google ‘sardonic’ to figure out that Fran Lebowitz is basically one of those snarky ladies who likes to make shocking-but-true statements about society and watch people get embarrassed/outraged/shocked/ruffled. And not just for the heck of it (though I bet she enjoys that!), but because she genuinely has no patience for the superficial.

[And just because I’m currently in a regency romance phase – At Almack’s, she’d be the dragon of a patroness that everyone’s desperate to get an approval of – but in a suit.]

It was this article about Fran Lebowitz that aroused my interest in this power house of a woman. And the more I read about her, the more deeply I fall in love with her eccentricities. Here are a couple of reasons why my ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ vote goes to her:

  • Her views on fashion:

Yoga pants are ruining woman” and “Men in shorts are disgusting

  • She doesn’t buy vintage stuff. She just own things for a long time until they ‘turn’ vintage. (e.g: her trademark glasses)
  • Because she says stuff like “Dry…clean. These words don’t go together. Wet clean—that is how you clean.”
  • Because Andy Warhol hired her for his publication. (That counts as a legitimate seal of awesomeness approval, right?)
  • And before that grand career move, she also held jobs like taxi driving, belt peddling, and apartment cleaning -with a small specialty in Venetian blinds.
  • She prefers writing by hand over a word processor. A Bic pen.
  • She once went to Princeton so that she could work in peace, and then found that the lawn mowers there were too loud. So she actually called the police to see if they could get everyone to mow their lawns on the same day.
  • She was kicked out of high school for “nonspecific surliness”
  • She survived an 11-year writer’s block.
  • She is bad at spellings (high-five!)

(The above information courtesy elle.com, The Paris Review and the New York Times)

Have an eccentric Wednesday!

The reluctant writer.


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