Throw me a party.


Yesterday my notifications bar on the blog informed me that this blog was one year young. Yay me! Firstly, I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for actually being able to stick to something for this long – The procrastinator: 0, The reluctant writer: 1

Secondly, I’d like to thank all 73 readers/followers of this blog – those of you who came here intentionally (Andy, I’m looking at you) and those who stumbled upon this blog quite unintentionally (yup, that the other 72 of you!)

I hope that in this blog you’ve found something to like, hate, love, disagree with or simply correct the grammar.

I started this blog to get myself to write regularly, because writing is my profession and passion. But like most things, writing needs practice, and I was not doing too much of that. So this blog was born. I still don’t write as often as I should – or with as much passion as I should write with. But I will continue to write in the hope that somewhere in between the regular and random posts I put up, I’ll find my writing voice.

Till then, we’ll eat cake and celebrate.

Happy Oneversary my loves,

The reluctant writer.


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