A half-day in the life of a copywriter.

Just got a new brief today. Here is my work process for it so far:

– Get brief.

– Count how many pages it is

– Check Facebook

– Check Instagram

– Check for anything else remotely distracting (The internet never disappoints)

– Get a cup of coffee

– Read brief

– Re-read brief

– Check Instagram

– Attempt to read brief with concentration

– Check mail

– Actually read brief with concentration

– Stare in disbelief at the utter crap that passes off as the brief

– Get another cup of coffee.

– Turn to colleagues and make fun of/complain about brief

– Crack fantastic ‘fake ad’ for the brief with colleagues

–  Decide to finally take brief seriously and open notebook to think

– Doodle on notebook

– Pick up brief again and decide to start thinking on it for real.

– Notice that it’s lunch time. Heart skips a beat with joy

– Break for lunch

It’s a wonder i get any work done.


The reluctant writer with a sucky brief.


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