Love will find a way.


The thing about love is that it has no rules. You can’t confine in within dos and don’ts or rights and wrongs. I always thought that it was grave injustice to assign a blind, clumsy, diaper wearing cherub as the god of something as powerful as love. If that power were to have a custodian, it should have been someone as magnificent as the mighty Zeus. Except that there is something so ordinarily human about this emotion called love, that I don’t think any God would be able to handle it.

Sorry about the rambling, I got a bit carried away. But all this only to say that America’s Pro-LGBT marriage ruling was inevitable, not impossible. Good job, America. This world needs all the love it can get right now to overcome the attitude of intolerance against race, cast, class, sex and religion that still infects a lot of us.

I know India is a long way off from celebrating a monumental day like this. And I don’t know how long we’ll take to imbibe the ‘live and let live’ concept.  But it will do us a world of good once we do.

Either way, we’ll get there. Because love is too strong to be stopped.  And love always wins.


The reluctant writer.

P;S: In other news, my cousins have found this blog – Hi Laffu, Ella, Alister… (And hopefully no on else bothered to click that link!). But in the spirit of ‘Live and let live’, I’m just going to remind myself that I really do love them.( Now go away you guys, there is nothing else worth reading here!)


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