Water-cooler talk (or things people say in my office)

No, this is not going to be a gossip column. For a truly delightful, snarky, guilty-pleasure ridden gossip session, the gossipers need to know the gossippees involved in the gossip. And we don’t have that kind of a relationship now, do we? But anyway, I thought of documenting some of the stuff people say around here. If someone can document his life as a third wheel in a relation, then I’m sure someone out there on the World Wide Web looking for the meaning of life will stumble across this page and involuntarily smile while reading through it. And that could be my good deed for the day!

(Warning: it’s not outrageously funny ok, it’s just…life in the passing)

So here goes:

“Is it a dragon or a dinosaur now?”

“My gf used to clean and cook for me.”

“Looks like someone is playing passing the parcel with your delivery.” (On a late delivery that didn’t come)

“I don’t get paid enough to do this shit man.”

“We have a mutual understanding about stretching our legs under the table.”

“Is that the way it’s spelt? Let’s see if Google will correct us…”

 “Why is my computer asking me to do that?”

“HR sucks”

“Is it hashtaggable?”

“Does this look bad enough? it has to look really really bad. I don’t want them to buy this”


the reluctant writer


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