Let’s be okay with being weird.

“You’re weird, you know”, “That’s just weird”, “Weirdo!”

I’ve been on the receiving end of those statements so many times. And no matter how much you deny it, I know you’ve had them directed at you quite often too. But what’s so wrong with being weird? I say, be weird!

Because anyone can be ordinary or usual or as expected. But it takes ‘different’ (and a little bit of courage) to be weird.

Being weird is the colourful splashes in between the routine of every day. It’s the inappropriate laughter at a grave conference. The bright pink socks at a funeral, the grape that fell into the pickle, that loud, awkward comment just when the music ends.

It’s basically that wonderful element of randomness that makes for great memories and lets life be less of a blur.

So stay weird, my friend.


The reluctant writer.


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