Heart thumping, palms sweating, butterflies going berserk in your belly.

You’ve paced the halls, twisted paper balls, stared blankly at the screen,

You have no more finger nails to chew.

Pep talk yourself, even talk to God, trying desperately to recall the words of a prayer or two.

But the deed needs to be done.

Asking him on a date, handing in a resignation letter, performing in public or making that phone call.

The deed needs to be done. So get on with it.

For the wait is the worst part of it all.

Your fear is not going anywhere. It’s looking you in the eye and challenging you to a staring contest.

And you know what? You’re going to win.

Because you know that sometimes life gets over in a blink.

And living with ‘what-ifs’ is not a life at all.

So say one last prayer, take a deep breath and just walk into the spotlight.

Let trembling hands hand over that letter, say hello in a stutter.

When fear finally blinks, wink back and smile,

Because his answer may just be ‘yes’.


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