Dessert so easy, it’s bananas!


Who doesn’t get sweet cravings after meals. That yearning for a little sweet something to tickle those taste buds. In fact, my sweet tooth is so bad that I often finish meals with a loud proclamation of “I’m so full!” and then find myself reaching for a dessert spoon and waiting expectantly for someone to put something sweet in front of my face. As a child, I would proclaim to all who would listen that I had two stomachs – one for food and the other for desserts.  Yes, I did pass biology, eventually.

So, desserts. The thing about desserts is that I’m not really a Martha Stewart in the kitchen. And I’m not really a Martha Stewart body-wise too (Did you know the Ms. Stewart was once a model! She can make a cake and eat it too. Ha!) But no, this doesn’t really stop me from eating dessert – nothing really does. It just means that I’m going to try healthier desert options.  So Sugarfree asked us to try out a recipe by substituting sugar with Sugarfree natura. And this is the recipe I chose. – the easy banana frozen milkshake. It’s so easy, that my mom doesn’t wince when I come into the kitchen to make it. Now that’s something!


2 bananas (overripe bananas will also do)

1/2 a cup of cold milk

2 cubes of Sugarfree Natura

2 crushed ice cubes


Put it all into a mixer/blender and blend it together for 40 seconds.  And TA-DA! You’re done. I told you it was easy!

My favourite way of having it is pouring it into a glass and freezing the milkshake for ½ an hour so that the mixture become almost icecream like.

It’s delicious and healthy. You will love it. Your friends will love it. Other people’s friends will love it.

Don’t thank me, thank bananas for being bananas.



The reluctant writer writes.




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