Another spin around the sun.



Pic: Greg Rakozy / Upsplash.

I’m thankful to have seen another year on this planet. While the earth does its thing and begins it’s journey around the sun once again, here are a few things I plan to do, a couple of journeys I plan to take:


  • Be kind. Kinder, even.
  • Focus on single tasking.
  • Write more. And write with more love.
  • Read at least 52 books.
  • Become a whiskey drinker. Or at least learn to appreciate the drink.
  • Have more conversations. The kind where you forget to check your phone.
  • Have difficult conversations.
  • Spend more time ‘being’ with family rather than just being in the same room.
  • Respect my body.
  • See more of the world.
  • Explore a balance between spontaneous and stable.


-The reluctant writer, 2016.


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