24 reasons – the Andydoo special.

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite people in the galaxy. My Doodles with the noodles like a poodle’s (doodles, noodles,poodles, doodles – sung to the tune of Mr.Marley’s Lion in Zion). Right now she’s an ocean away, basking in some Bangkok sunshine and hopefully embracing 24 with a boatload of new experiences (eating a scorpion or two, maybe?) And while I miss her to bits, I’m thrilled she get to spend her birthday in such a fabulous way.

Okay, so on the presents front, I think I’ve pretty much nailed this year’s gift :D. But now that we have a blog and all (even if it’s covered in virtual cobwebs at this point), the pact was that no birthday shall pass without a written tribute to the birthday girl. So this year, I’m putting down a list of 24 reasons why we should celebrate 20th April as National Andy Day.

  1. Because she is an old lady trapped in a young woman’s body, which means that you can expect crochet, cupcakes and the best advice anytime you need it.
  2. Because while she is made exclusively of bones herself, she does give the best bone-crushing hugs, this side of the equator.
  3. Because she puts so much heart and soul into a job she doesn’t like. Image what’d she’d do with one she loves.
  4. Because she does the boogie-woogie with as much panache as she does the jive.
  5. Also, she’s always brave enough follow my crazy dance moves, thus not letting me be the ‘crazy drunk uncle with bad moves’ on the dance floor 😀
  6. Because she should have ideally been a model, but prefers to walk on people’s (Samantha’s) backs instead of a ramp. Purely medical reasons, nothing kinky about it, okay.
  7. Because I can always bully her with the phrase ‘Blood is thicker than water’.
  8. Because she survived a childhood of people trying to dress us in matching outfits. (Only to end up buying matching outfits ‘accidentally on purpose’ these days)
  9. Because she has her own theme song. Refer above to ‘Doodles Noodles Poodles’
  10. Because she makes the best bowl of Maggie Noodles. And her cheesy secret ingredient is actually love, not cheese 😛
  11. Because she is not the sun or the moon, but pure starlight. There when the night is the darkest, always guiding you to a better place and absolutely ethereal.
  12. Because she is 1 month and 2 days older than Reuben.
  13. Because she doesn’t eat too much chocolate. (More for me!!)
  14. Because she can speak exactly two words in Konkani, and carries on long conversations with Philomen with just that.
  15. Because she has more enthusiasm for life in her (swollen) little finger, than most of us have in our entire body.
  16. Because she can make choco-lava cupcakes, by mistake 😉
  17. Because she will always come with me to the zoo, no matter how many times we’ve been there before.
  18. Because she’s got weird taste in men.
  19. Because she’s got wonderful taste in music
  20. Because she always has anything you need in her magic backpack.
  21. Because she has creepy videos and photos of you, so you really need to be careful around her.
  22. Because she watched all 4 ‘Prince and Me’ movies with me, even though they got progressively terrible.
  23. Because she can find the best bargains on any street (happy Bangkok shopping!)
  24. Because I can’t imagine life without her.

Happy Birthday Andydoo!! I love you :*



The reluctant writer


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