I’m Back.

It has been forever. The ‘I almost couldn’t remember my password’ kind of forever. I still can’t believe I am actually back here. But the great thing about no expectations is that, there is no pressure to start writing here again- which is why I guess i’m back. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I may not be back here again. But i’m here now so – yay!

The thing about unexpected appearances is that I have no idea what to write about right now. If you’re wondering where this post is going then, this my friend is what is know as ‘rambling’. It’s quite similar to ambling- the art of aimlessly strolling. Just in writing form. And without the pleasant views that come along with a good amble. Anyway, i’m just rambling here, trying to fill up this page with enough words to qualify as a blog post. Since this is such an aimless post anyway, may I just toss out some of the thought that just popped into my mind about future blogpost possibilities? Ok, here goes-

I have been doing a little bit of travelling and have quite a few gorgeous pictures to show for it. I think i’ll try my hand at travel writing and put down a few of those posts. If i’m lucky (and persistent enough) this may just turn into a travel blog- ha! A girl can dream! But until then, this will just be my personal rambling space

I also attended my best friend’s wedding recently and my maid of honour duties demanded that I give a speech. Now you know how difficult I find the task of writing anything more than a couple of sentences on an advertisement. But my best friend asked me to do it, and of course I wouldn’t say know. I made the task a priority- which just meant that instead of hastily putting together a speech an hour before the wedding, I generously did it the night before. But, it did take me the WHOLE night ( no beauty sleep for this brides maid!) and I managed to fill another screen like this one with a lot of rambling and enough laughter cues to pass off as a successful toast.  And since I do like to make the most of my writing, I think i’ll post that speech here too. Two birds, one stone and all that jazz.

And finally, I’m thinking of doing a few creative writing posts just to give those grey cells something to get worked up about. I realised that there is a serious lag between my thought and action process. Basically, I’m all bark, no bite.So yes, I will try and chew out a few more posts, a little more often that once or twice a year.

Phew, that went well. I actually managed to get more than a few sentences out, and it feels good!Reluctant Writer:1 Dry writing Spell: 0.

Well, like our little friend’Porky Pig’ from Looney Toons says,  That’s all folks!

Image result for porky pig

The Reluctant Writer.




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