Dessert so easy, it’s bananas!


Who doesn’t get sweet cravings after meals. That yearning for a little sweet something to tickle those taste buds. In fact, my sweet tooth is so bad that I often finish meals with a loud proclamation of “I’m so full!” and then find myself reaching for a dessert spoon and waiting expectantly for someone to put something sweet in front of my face. As a child, I would proclaim to all who would listen that I had two stomachs – one for food and the other for desserts.  Yes, I did pass biology, eventually.

So, desserts. The thing about desserts is that I’m not really a Martha Stewart in the kitchen. And I’m not really a Martha Stewart body-wise too (Did you know the Ms. Stewart was once a model! She can make a cake and eat it too. Ha!) But no, this doesn’t really stop me from eating dessert – nothing really does. It just means that I’m going to try healthier desert options.  So Sugarfree asked us to try out a recipe by substituting sugar with Sugarfree natura. And this is the recipe I chose. – the easy banana frozen milkshake. It’s so easy, that my mom doesn’t wince when I come into the kitchen to make it. Now that’s something!


2 bananas (overripe bananas will also do)

1/2 a cup of cold milk

2 cubes of Sugarfree Natura

2 crushed ice cubes


Put it all into a mixer/blender and blend it together for 40 seconds.  And TA-DA! You’re done. I told you it was easy!

My favourite way of having it is pouring it into a glass and freezing the milkshake for ½ an hour so that the mixture become almost icecream like.

It’s delicious and healthy. You will love it. Your friends will love it. Other people’s friends will love it.

Don’t thank me, thank bananas for being bananas.



The reluctant writer writes.





Heart thumping, palms sweating, butterflies going berserk in your belly.

You’ve paced the halls, twisted paper balls, stared blankly at the screen,

You have no more finger nails to chew.

Pep talk yourself, even talk to God, trying desperately to recall the words of a prayer or two.

But the deed needs to be done.

Asking him on a date, handing in a resignation letter, performing in public or making that phone call.

The deed needs to be done. So get on with it.

For the wait is the worst part of it all.

Your fear is not going anywhere. It’s looking you in the eye and challenging you to a staring contest.

And you know what? You’re going to win.

Because you know that sometimes life gets over in a blink.

And living with ‘what-ifs’ is not a life at all.

So say one last prayer, take a deep breath and just walk into the spotlight.

Let trembling hands hand over that letter, say hello in a stutter.

When fear finally blinks, wink back and smile,

Because his answer may just be ‘yes’.

Let’s be okay with being weird.

“You’re weird, you know”, “That’s just weird”, “Weirdo!”

I’ve been on the receiving end of those statements so many times. And no matter how much you deny it, I know you’ve had them directed at you quite often too. But what’s so wrong with being weird? I say, be weird!

Because anyone can be ordinary or usual or as expected. But it takes ‘different’ (and a little bit of courage) to be weird.

Being weird is the colourful splashes in between the routine of every day. It’s the inappropriate laughter at a grave conference. The bright pink socks at a funeral, the grape that fell into the pickle, that loud, awkward comment just when the music ends.

It’s basically that wonderful element of randomness that makes for great memories and lets life be less of a blur.

So stay weird, my friend.


The reluctant writer.



Today could be whatever you want it to be.

A slow day, a play day, a day where your imagination runs free.

There’s all the sunshine you need to make it your parade.

There’s enough love to go around, to make you unafraid.

Just open yourself to adventure and let out your bizarre.

Today is your day, it’s power day, it’s whatever you want it to be.

100 days of drawing.


Hello internet dwellers

There is a lull in the office and a roar in my head. I’m in that twilight zone where my desire to do nothing is sharing headspace with a burning desire to shake up the word, do something extraordinary, be extraordinary, make something- Just do something!

So I’m going to settle for a middle ground and just write about this new challenge I’m planning to take up – 100 days of drawing.

Anyone who knows me personally or has tried to follow my 30 days of blogging challenge knows that I suck at any task that requires commitment or dedication day after day. Like a bottle of soda, I’m all pop in the beginning… until I begin to fizz out. Unlike a bottle of soda, I don’t rot your teeth.

But hey, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, right?

My commitment issues aside, I’ve always wanted to be able to sketch people. I’ve always liked drawing, but never really managed to produce anything worth looking at. In college one of the profs managed to get us drawing notepads and tried to get us to draw. His enthusiasm for the subject mostly made up for the lack of ours. But it was fun. And the matter would have been over there. Except that he got us to attend these drawing lessons on a fairly regular basis through his teacher super powers (and the threat of no attendance/cutting of marks). And after about a month and a half – low and behold- some of the squiggles on the page actually looked like people! More surprisingly, other people began recognizing those squiggles for people!

And I was hooked. Halfway through my copywriting course, I wanted to become a caricature artist. (Caricature because, at least I could claim that some of those missed shaped features caused by my far from perfect drawing skills were intentional). Thankfully I realised that if I was ever allowed to draw for a living, I’d be a very, very poor artist.

Which brings us to now. Never having practiced or dedicated enough time to drawing, my skills never went far. But now I want to try it again. And be good at it too. I’ve notice that at parties or events, it’s the guy with the pencil that ‘draws’ everyone towards him like a moth to the flame. People are narcissistic enough to want their faces brought to life on paper. And I’m narcissistic enough to want to be the flame for all those moths.

This guy called Josh Kaufman says that ‘Many things aren’t fun until you’re good at it.’ He is the same guy who, though a 9-chapter long book explains how it takes only 20 hours to be able to do anything relatively well.  I’m going to add another 80 hours to that number and commit to putting in 100 hours to practice this skill. And so that I don’t weasel my way of this commitment I’m cementing it to 100 days of drawing.

Ok, I’m off to find paper and a pencil. You go back to doing whatever you were doing before you were interrupted by this rant.


The reluctant writer.

The pep talk every woman needs

The internet has always been inspiring, motivating and fascinating! And now it gives pep talks too! Go team!

If you’re in need of some spirit lifting then you should check out the Pep Talk generator. (You should check it out even if you don’t need one!)

The Pep Talk Generator

You are a goddess. Worship your babely self and take care of it always. Surround yourself with beings who support you and make you feel loved, even if you disappear for a bit. Always do instead of should, but don’t be ashamed to curl up in a blanket burrito on the couch sometimes.


the (very motivated) reluctant writer.

Water-cooler talk (or things people say in my office)

No, this is not going to be a gossip column. For a truly delightful, snarky, guilty-pleasure ridden gossip session, the gossipers need to know the gossippees involved in the gossip. And we don’t have that kind of a relationship now, do we? But anyway, I thought of documenting some of the stuff people say around here. If someone can document his life as a third wheel in a relation, then I’m sure someone out there on the World Wide Web looking for the meaning of life will stumble across this page and involuntarily smile while reading through it. And that could be my good deed for the day!

(Warning: it’s not outrageously funny ok, it’s just…life in the passing)

So here goes:

“Is it a dragon or a dinosaur now?”

“My gf used to clean and cook for me.”

“Looks like someone is playing passing the parcel with your delivery.” (On a late delivery that didn’t come)

“I don’t get paid enough to do this shit man.”

“We have a mutual understanding about stretching our legs under the table.”

“Is that the way it’s spelt? Let’s see if Google will correct us…”

 “Why is my computer asking me to do that?”

“HR sucks”

“Is it hashtaggable?”

“Does this look bad enough? it has to look really really bad. I don’t want them to buy this”


the reluctant writer